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We live in an area with a wide variety of properties and price points. A great number of things go into a valuation of the proper purchase or sale price. I have over 25 years of experience buying or selling real estate. Combined with a strong knowledge of the area and various types of issues to be aware of, let me use that expertise to help you make the correct decision for your circumstance.

Buying or selling a home in California is often the most important decision you will make Perhaps your goal has always been to be able to own a home and this is your chance to do that. You want to know that you are receiving accurate advice that will include everything from getting good value for your money to moving a growing family to an area with good schools. Everyone is happy the day they get the keys, but what really matters is that you are still happy with your purchase a year from now or five years from now.

If you are selling your property to move to different home or liquidating a business investment it still comes down to a couple things. First, getting the proper advice on what you can expect to receive for that property given the current market. Confidence that your property will be presented and marketed in the most advantageous and professional manner possible. If you are a busy professional it is important the sale goes as smoothly as possible and you work with someone you can trust to handle every detail so you can focus on your own responsibilities with work and family.

My business model is simple. I treat people like I want to be treated and I believe in personalized service. What does that mean to you? When I sell your home everything that can be done to maximize your return will be done. Your property is presented the right way to buyers. Our service includes professional photographers, customized property websites and targeted ad campaigns. I give you the same care I would want when I am selling/buying for myself. How does that affect you? It means not trying to get a sale done quickly, but instead finding the right property for you. Let me use my significant negotiation experience to get the best outcome for your family.

We live in the South Bay. My wife, Diane, was born and raised here. Our kids went to school and played sports here. This is home. Let us use that knowledge to help you make the best decision possible.

Greg Thatcher Realtor
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